Company Profile

SINOCAL Petroleum Technologies, Inc. is a truly global organization. The ideology of the company was conceived amidst the ever growing demands of the global oil production industry to deliver high quality, cost effective and exceptionally efficient service.

In 1992, the company established its headquarters in Los Angeles, U.S.A. In addition, it opened branch in Beijing, China. Today, SINOCAL Petroleum Technologies is one of the top distributors of oil producing supplies and equipment with sales and project consultation operations in all of the world's major markets, including North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America.

The SINOCAL Petroleum Technologies commitment to the oil field industry is reflected in our experience and in our complete product line. We deliver technically superior products to serve the industry.

In the years that followed the company aggressively expanded its product line. Today, we serve customers in the Oil and chemical industrial markets with full line products ranging from production pumps to gas compressors, from field chemicals to tubular products, from production optimization to enhanced oil recovery service (EOR).

Our track record includes 6 year, multi- PCPs leasing contract with a Venezuela oil company with total value of USD50 Million. We have sourced multi-million dollar tubular products for oil companies in South America/China. We have successfully installed multi-units of gas compressors in China’s gas distribution market.

SINOCAL is an authorized distributor of Weatherford, Baker, Cameron, Tierra Alta, Petroleum Expert, Petrolite, Expro Group, Seepex, Oil lift, and LMF. Some of the more prominent fields we specialize in are:

  • Over the equipment/chemical trading side. We help the oil companies to source the equipment/materials in need at short time and best price.
  • In the oilfield service, we can provide engineering service, including but not limited drilling, cementing, oil/water separation, etc.
  • Production consulting service: optimizing oil production by providing individual well design, artificial lift equipment selection, whole field simulation/optimization, EOR, water shut-off etc.

We have evolved to become a fully integrated network of distributors and suppliers of high quality products all over the world.

Quality Commitment

Over the years, SINOCAL built its reputation by providing the highest-quality products and services. That dedication to quality continues today with the quality commitment. At SINOCAL, the definition of quality is simple and straightforward -- "To meet or exceed customer expectations with products, services and experiences that are superior to the competition."

Around the world, our operations meet the highest quality standards. In addition, SINOCAL ensures that our efforts work to meet the goals of the company and the needs of customers. Every day, customers around the world rely on our quality supplies in an almost endless range of applications. Some of the customers we serve are:

All CNPC/Sinopec’s domestic oilfields in China.

PDVSA, Sinovensa, CNPC Venezuela

PetroChina Internationa in Indonesia , PT CaturKhita Persadr in Indonesia.

SINOCAL exists to help customers realize the benefits of enhanced efficiencies and effective resource utilization. Many of its proactive solutions allow customers to have better control of their activities when the unexpected occurs. SINOCAL offers a wide range of products and services to customers in the oil and gas, mining, utility, and environmental sectors.

SINOCAL constantly strives to exceed customer expectations and enhance its offerings through innovation. No matter what the project size maybe, SINOCAL works with customers to find solutions that add cost-saving value and are customized to their needs.

At SINOCAL, we strive to distribute products for the oil, gas, and heavy industries. We also offer on-site and Turn-key project solutions. Our current rate of successful projects is mainly in China, Middle East, North America and South America.

SINOCAL is proud to continue its tradition of building solid affiliations and business relationships with people of all different backgrounds within its network of companies.